Purpose and Design
Portfolio by JD Doctolero


Junior Art Director + Creative Partner


I majored in Advertising under College of Fine Arts and Design in the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. I had the amazing opportunity to learn and work under Vapor Studio for a year right after graduating.

Working in a studio validated my desire to excel in design. I realized my great concern to the smallest details such as the right typeface, the perfect shade of blue, the logo that would last for the next 50 years, that small Photoshop mishap everybody didn't notice, down to the kerning, leading & tracking of an editorial piece. My obsession grew into a carefully curated portfolio I was able to build (and continue to build) as a freelance creative with the projects I've always dreamed of doing and collaborating in.

As for my style, I equate beauty with intrigue. When something throws me off for whatever reason, or something is unexpected that’s what I find beautiful, anything with shock value. Something that makes you "why didn't I think of that?"

Personally I am very detail-oriented and have a passion for symmetry and order in my life (strange as that sounds) I seek it out and it becomes normative so when something visually disturbs me, that’s when I take extra time to analyze it and I think it’s in that awareness that a sort of effect is stirred and that’s generally my experience of beauty.

It doesn’t have to be strange things though; conventional beauty or when something is so symmetric or flawless, that arouses the same kind of appreciation. I guess beauty for me is simply intrigue; curiosity and the desire to further understand and by extension appreciate.

Design is a very goal-oriented field and I guess that's what made me incredibly passionate about it. At the moment, I'm working towards taking a master's degree in design then eventually be able to create a brand that would provide simple but beautiful solutions to the contemporary design issues brands and businesses face in order to cater to their audience in the most authentic way.